I’m Belén and I come from Bilbao, a city in the north of Spain. I moved to Copenhagen because my husband, a game programmer, found his dream job here.

I have worked for 6 years as a researcher in projects of Digital Humanities at the University of Deusto, and I have also a background as a Spanish Language and Literature teacher.

I have started studying Danish few months ago, and I would like to have more opportunities to practice it.

I like food, both cooking and tasting, mainly Basque cuisine. I can’t resist a good burger or a cup of coffee. I enjoy reading books and traveling. I also like watching tv series and movies, especially Iñárritu’s, Tarantino’s and David Lynch’s work.

  • Name: Belén Llana
  • Language: Spanish
  • Danish Level: Modul 2, started in November 2015
  • Contact:
  • Area: Copenhagen area and Frederiksberg
  • Career: Digital content editor and Spanish Language and Literature teacher
  • Interests: travel, food, coffee, literature, languages, movies and tv series.

Teresa Maltez, Spanish and Portuguese


My name is Ana Teresa, I am Portuguese and I have been living in Copenhagen for the past four years.

I have started my university studies in the field of Fine Arts (Paintings) but soon realized that creativity can be a powerful tool able to make us achieve and overcome almost anything. Arts allow you to observe things in life from another perspective and that can be reassuring and empower full. This was the discovery, in my personal growth, that leads me to the degree of Social Work. I just finished my Master on cultural and integration issues in Denmark. These fields are both my professional focus and my life passion.

I have been studying Danish for almost one year now and I can have a good conversation level. I am not completely comfortable in every subject but I am not a basic user. In my daily life I am able to use Danish regularly (Level 4 of Danskuddannelse 3).

Arts and culture are the most present things in my life but my curiosity is extensive, making me comfortable with many subject areas. Your interest can guide the conversation and your level of language are not a problem, I have been teaching languages for a while and I can easily adapt to lower levels.

Looking forward to start speaking Danish 

  • Name: Ana Teresa
  • Language: Portuguese and Spanish
  • Danish Level: Modul 4,
  • Contact:
  • Area: Copenhagen area (Nørrebro)
  • Career: Social Work (refugees, migration and integration issues)
  • Interests: visual arts, culture, travel, languages

Chiara Marmugi, Italian

Chiara tonda


My name is Chiara, I am an editorial translator, a language teacher and a coordinator for international exchange projects, married with a spanish professor of DTU, and proud mother of two children.

I was born and raised in Vinci, close to Florence, like my more famous fellow citizen Leonardo, but during my studies I moved to Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), where I taught and researched at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität for ten years. After living again in Italy for other ten years, in summer 2014 I moved with my family to Østerbro, where I started learning Danish. I hope to complete PD3 within spring 2016.

I speak currently German, Spanish and English and I make myself understood in French. For professional reasons I am very interested in publishing industry and literature – with a special eye for children’s and young-adult fiction – education and journalism. In my free time I like to swim, to practice yoga, to cook healthy food and to write. I am moreover a passionate football fan and I’m looking for Danish speakers who share the same interest in writing, languages and linguistics.

You can contact me through my LinkedIn page

  • Name: Chiara Marmugi
  • Language: Italian 
  • Danish level: Modul 5 (PD3 in Spring 2016)
  • Contact: LinkedIn
  • Area: Copenhagen
  • Career: literary translator and languages teacher, researcher, coordinator for international exchange projects and active in the publishing industry
  • Interests: languages and international literature, children’s and young-adult fiction, journalism, education, healthy food, football, swimming, yoga.