I’m Belén and I come from Bilbao, a city in the north of Spain. I moved to Copenhagen because my husband, a game programmer, found his dream job here.

I have worked for 6 years as a researcher in projects of Digital Humanities at the University of Deusto, and I have also a background as a Spanish Language and Literature teacher.

I have started studying Danish few months ago, and I would like to have more opportunities to practice it.

I like food, both cooking and tasting, mainly Basque cuisine. I can’t resist a good burger or a cup of coffee. I enjoy reading books and traveling. I also like watching tv series and movies, especially Iñárritu’s, Tarantino’s and David Lynch’s work.

  • Name: Belén Llana
  • Language: Spanish
  • Danish Level: Modul 2, started in November 2015
  • Contact:
  • Area: Copenhagen area and Frederiksberg
  • Career: Digital content editor and Spanish Language and Literature teacher
  • Interests: travel, food, coffee, literature, languages, movies and tv series.

Teresa Maltez, Spanish and Portuguese


My name is Ana Teresa, I am Portuguese and I have been living in Copenhagen for the past four years.

I have started my university studies in the field of Fine Arts (Paintings) but soon realized that creativity can be a powerful tool able to make us achieve and overcome almost anything. Arts allow you to observe things in life from another perspective and that can be reassuring and empower full. This was the discovery, in my personal growth, that leads me to the degree of Social Work. I just finished my Master on cultural and integration issues in Denmark. These fields are both my professional focus and my life passion.

I have been studying Danish for almost one year now and I can have a good conversation level. I am not completely comfortable in every subject but I am not a basic user. In my daily life I am able to use Danish regularly (Level 4 of Danskuddannelse 3).

Arts and culture are the most present things in my life but my curiosity is extensive, making me comfortable with many subject areas. Your interest can guide the conversation and your level of language are not a problem, I have been teaching languages for a while and I can easily adapt to lower levels.

Looking forward to start speaking Danish 

  • Name: Ana Teresa
  • Language: Portuguese and Spanish
  • Danish Level: Modul 4,
  • Contact:
  • Area: Copenhagen area (Nørrebro)
  • Career: Social Work (refugees, migration and integration issues)
  • Interests: visual arts, culture, travel, languages

Rahul Oswal, Hindi

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नमस्ते (Namaste),

Sounds familiar? Want to learn more, here is your opportunity.

My name is Rahul.

I recently relocated to København with my wife who works for Novo Nordisk. I am originally from India.  I have finance background and earned my MBA in Finance. I worked in financial services industry for 8 years. Lastly in India, I was working with Development Bank of Singapore(DBS) in Wealth Management division.

Currently, I am actively looking for job opportunities in Banks and Finance division in companies.

I love traveling, cooking, experimenting with food, swimming and making new friends.

Right now, I’m learning Danish (Modul 2) at KBH – sprogcenter, and would like to improve my proficiency in Danish. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in sprog swapping ! 🙂

  • Name:
  • Language: Hindi (Native speaker), English
  • Danish Level: Module 2
  • Contact:
  • Area: Copenhagen area and Frederiksberg
  • Career: Financial services and Finance
  • Interests:  Traveling,cooking, watching films, swimming and running

Bernadette Janse, German

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I am Bernadette and I am from Germany. I moved to Denmark last October when my husband started working for Novo Nordisk. After living in Copenhagen for a few months we now live in beautiful Hillerød, together with our 7-year-old dog.

In Germany I worked with handicapped kids and adults for many years. In order to work in Denmark I want and need to learn better Danish. Therefore I attend public language school three times a week, currently at module 2. In addition I would really like to improve my Danish language skills in real conversations with a native speaker.

In my spare time I like to sew, crochet or knit, but also watch movies, TV series or read books. And of course I love to spend time with our dog – not only on long walks through the woods and fields but also during dog training, such as “agility”.

If you want to sprog-swap with me in or around Hillerød I will be happy about an email from you at:!

Vi ses i Hillerød! 🙂

  • Name: Bernadette Janse
  • Language: German
  • Danish level: Modul 2
  • Contact:
  • Area: Hillerød
  • Career: support for handicapped kids and adults
  • Interests: crafting, movies, TV-series, literature, dogs

Gexingzi Wang, Chinese

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My name is Xing Zi and I come from China. I moved to Denmark in 2013, since my husband’s company (Novo Nordisk) has relocated him from China to Denmark. We have a daughter and about to have a son in April 2016.

I used to work in human resources area for 8 years in both IT and Sports industry. I love talking with people from different culture background, to get inspired by various opinions and cultures. I have also been a part-time teacher for some years, to help students with both Chinese and English.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, swimming, yoga and travelling. Those
hobbies enrich my knowledge and experiences. I am looking for someone who can
help me with Danish speaking (It is really hard for me with ‘Dansk udtale’), in return, I can help you with not only Chinese language, but also Chinese culture and literature, which I love very much!


  • Name: Gexingzi Wang
  • Language: Chinese
  • Danish Level: Modul 5 (PD3 in Spring 2016)
  • Contact: or LinkedIn
  • Area: Copenhagen
  • Career: Human Resources and Part-Time Techaer
  • Interests: Literature, writing, swimming, yoga, travelling and kids

Stephanie Lecarpentier, French

photo CV


Je m’appelle Stephanie, je suis francaise, I’m married, I’ve got two teen daughters (16 yrs and 13 yrs), I’m living in Copenhagen since July 2015.

Actually, I’ve no job, I take some Danish lessons at IA Sprog at Nørrebro. I moved here for my husbands job, and I need to speak danish to work in stores. I take some salsa and bachata lessons for few years, because I like these dance, and I ve got the chance and the time to learn them now. I like to read and watch some fantastic, dramatic, and horror stories, and I like to cook some foreign meal. And of course I’ve a special interest in fashion due to my profession.

  • Name: Stephanie Lecarpentier
  • Language: French (English)
  • Danish: Module 3.2
  • Contact:, linkedin.
  • Area: Copenhagen, Islands Brygge
  • Career: 19 years in Sales Sector, 8 years Store manager for men, women and children’s clothes.
  • Interest: Latin dance, Cooking (oriental food), Volunteer Culture House of Islands Brygge, fantastic film, thrillers (Stefen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Marc Levy)