Gexingzi Wang, Chinese

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My name is Xing Zi and I come from China. I moved to Denmark in 2013, since my husband’s company (Novo Nordisk) has relocated him from China to Denmark. We have a daughter and about to have a son in April 2016.

I used to work in human resources area for 8 years in both IT and Sports industry. I love talking with people from different culture background, to get inspired by various opinions and cultures. I have also been a part-time teacher for some years, to help students with both Chinese and English.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, swimming, yoga and travelling. Those
hobbies enrich my knowledge and experiences. I am looking for someone who can
help me with Danish speaking (It is really hard for me with ‘Dansk udtale’), in return, I can help you with not only Chinese language, but also Chinese culture and literature, which I love very much!


  • Name: Gexingzi Wang
  • Language: Chinese
  • Danish Level: Modul 5 (PD3 in Spring 2016)
  • Contact: or LinkedIn
  • Area: Copenhagen
  • Career: Human Resources and Part-Time Techaer
  • Interests: Literature, writing, swimming, yoga, travelling and kids