Maya D Paidi, Telugu and English

Maya D Paidi photo

  • Name: Maya D Paidi
  • Danish level: Modul 3 (I can read better but slow at talking)
  • Contact: Linkedin 
  • Language : Telugu and English
  • Background/Career : Molecular biology/ Research
  • Interests : meditation, crafts and fun with kids, long walks, reading

One thought on “Maya D Paidi, Telugu and English

  1. Hello Maya
    I would like to meet you and have some talk in Danish and English. I am 64 eyears old, married with Peter (71 years old). We live in a flat in Frederiksberg. We had retired some years ago and have now time to travel, play with the grandkids, read books, go to art museums and see family and friends. I would enjoy to make my english better and to teach you some Danish.
    Kindky regards Elsebeth


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